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The BOTTLE GENIE is the “nanny” I could never afford. I have three children - a daughter and twin boys - the Bottle Genie was a true lifesaver! I didn’t have extra hands to feed the twins and the Bottle Genie was effective, easy to use, and travelled well. I was going crazy trying to prop bottles using anything I could, but nothing worked.  I came across the Bottle Genie on-line and decided to give them a try...all I can say is WOW! What a superb product! People stop me all the time when they see them being used by the boys and ask where I got them. My friends and family were very impressed with it too. 

I tell everyone about it and highly recommend it. In fact, I think it is a product that any mother should have as a basic necessity to "survive."!!!!! I would love to see the Bottle Genie in local retail stores so everyone could have access to a very affordable product and more importantly avoid any needless stress and anxiety faced by a new mother. 

Thanks again for a wonderful product. 
Kristen Wombles (Las Vegas, NV)


I love, adore, and simply worship the BOTTLE GENIE. I nursed my daughter for the first two months of her life. Due to various allergies, I had to stop. I did not realize how convenient nursing was until I couldn't do it anymore. Losing the ability to be "hands free" was unimaginable to me. That is when I turned to the internet to find anything that make bottle feeding easier. I was so excited when I came across the BOTTLE GENIE and began using it religiously! People stop me in the grocery store, the park, the mall, everywhere me and my little one go, to ask me questions about the BOTTLE GENIE and how to get one for their kids! Now I buy them and give them as my standard baby shower gift to any pregnant mommies. What a life saver this has been for me, especially when my colic daughter wanted to be fed, but not held (go figure!) I'm due again in July, with TRIPLETS!!!!!!! and I can't wait to use it with baby number two, three AND four.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you, for creating such an innovative and effective product!
Lori Mena (Glendale, CA)

5 star rating - 1/10/2009

If you are a mother of multiples, as I am, you must take a peek at this product.  There is very little more difficult than having two (or three or four) babies crying for their bottles at once, and having only two hands.  The Bottle Genie solved this problem for me.

I ordered two, in the blue for my boys, in mid December.  Last week, I was concerned because they had not arrived.  I called the number and got a live person!  She was very kind, and told me that my package had come back due to insufficient postage.  She apologized for her company's error, and assured me it was on its way.

I received TWO packages today.  Not only did I receive the package I ordered, they gifted me with an additional set of Bottle Genies for my patience with their error.  I can now keep one in the living room, one in the nursery, and one in the diaper bag.  The fourth, I'm giving to a good friend of mine.

The price is VERY reasonable, and as of right now, they are having a sale.  Believe me, these Bottle Genies work.  My four month old twins have just had their first meal with it.  Once you figure out the adjustment and placement of it, it's smooth sailing.  My husband and I were able to have dinner in peace with our sons, who happily sucked on their bottles, grasping the Bottle Genie and guiding it in and out of their mouths at their leisure.

This product is a Godsend.  I wouldn't leave my children alone with this product, but that's made clear on the website and with the information that comes with it.  But you can even HOLD a Genie'd baby in one hand and write a letter, dust something, or good GOD, even brush your hair for once with the other while they eat.

Two thumbs up from this Mom of Multiples!!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to invent and market the Bottle Genie. As a mother of twins, now 7 months old, I have no idea how we survived before purchasing your product. We were constantly stopping and unstrapping babies to feed them in the store, in the doctor's offices, at friends' homes, and other inconvenient times.  Now, we just grin, pop a bottle in the Bottle Genie, and go on with our errands.  People are amazed, as well.  We've referred dozens of curious moms and moms to be who stop and ask us about the product to your website.  All it takes is one look at happily munching babies and a calm mommy in the grocery store to send them to their computers lickety split!

Nighttime feedings have become much faster, and easier, as well.  While my husband is sometimes sent TDY for weeks at a time, I can feed two crying babies in the wee hours by utilizing the Bottle Genie.  We're all back in bed within 20 minutes, instead of the hour it takes to rock a startled, unfed, crying baby back to sleep... not to mention his brother who may be full, but alarmed by his twin's cries.

Theodore (Teddy) and Rudolph (Rudy) send their thanks, too!  Food is always better when it's right on time, and an extra added bonus has been that they are learning to hold their bottles much quicker than if they hadn't been exposed to the Bottle Genie.  Excellent product. Brava!

God bless you,
Victoria & Jon Stewart

I purchased this for myself 6 years ago for my first son. Now we have a 6 week old and it's been a lifesaver when I'm busy helping the 6 yr old with homework and can't nurse the little guy. Simply put him in his chair and pop the bottle in the holder and he's a happy baby. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Christine Daly
New York

I have bought every product our there like that "holds the bottle for them" and this is the only one that really works!!! So happy I found it and I bought tons of them for everyone I know that has babies!!! Really thank you so much for inventing such a great product. It is a life saver! Its frustrating when you have your second child and have no hands to make dinner or help your other child do something. Now I can and its great!


love this bottle genie. got it as a gift and its the perfect help! woudl recommend it to anyone, esp mom with twins!!!

Tina K, az.