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  Bottle Genie Benfits

  • Holds bottles at a correct feeding angle to enable proper air and milk flow, which will help prevent upset stomach and gas
  • Compact, easily fits in diaper bag
  • The baby bottle holder can also be used to entertain your babies with their favorite toy
  • Great for Travel / Car Seat / Airplane / Office / Shopping etc.
  • Feed several babies at once
  • Is adjustable to fit any size bottle & baby
  • No longer need to prop bottles up using blankets or pillows
  • No longer need to plan your outings around your baby's feeding schedule
  • Easy-to-use design you and your little one will LOVE!
  • The flexible BottleGenie bends to fit the child's waist
  • Prevents “tip-overs” & dropped bottles
  • BottleGenie trains babies to eventually hold their own bottles independently
  • Invented by a mother, who used the product successfully for over 10 years
  • The product is washable by hand
  • Made in the United States
  • Parenting Media Award Winner

With all of these benefits the BottleGenie will make a perfect gift for anyone.
Order your Bottle Genie baby bottle holder today!