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About Bottle Genie Inc.

Patent No: US6915991B1

The need for a baby bottle holder leads to invention!

Whether you care for just one baby or several, the Bottle Genie was designed to be the ideal helper.

As a mother of three children and regular care-giver, founder Anna Meyer Shomer soon began to realize a need for quality childcare and simultaneous bottle feeding solutions. Hence, the BottleGenie was born!

Makes baby bottle feeding easy!

As one who was often times caring for up to four babies at any given time, she was also the prime customer! When the BottleGenie baby bottle holder was created, Anna soon realized it's market potential.

Now available in lots of colors and patterns, it makes a great babyshower gift. It is also perfect for parents of twins or for anyone who uses bottles as part of their routine.

Order your baby bottle holder now for easier feeding!